About Bestie Brands

Hi. I'm Jennifer West and I invented the Bestie Blow Dryer Holder. The reason I invented Bestie was that I grew up with my grandmother and later in life she had a terrible stroke and wasn't able to dry her hair. So I started playing around with ideas and I made little prototypes and they worked! She was literally able to dry her hair with one hand! It really worked well for my friends too because they kept borrowing and keeping my prototypes. They were using them all different ways but what really worked for me is that - I have really curly hair - which most people can't tell because I'm actually able to blow dry my hair really fast using both my hands and a paddle brush - I just go through it really quick to get it all dry and fairly straight and then go over it with a flat iron. So, it's actually possible for me to have great, straight hair. When I want to wear my hair curly, I position the blow dryer and turn the air on warm and light and then I can brush my teeth and put on my makeup - while it's "air" drying my hair. Quick. Easy. Fast. The reason I wanted to make Bestie Blow Dryer Holder available to everyone is that we all see people in magazines with this great, fantastic hair and then we go home and try to do it ourselves and it's next to impossible. It's really hard to hold the blow dryer in one hand and the brush in the other and get anything done. So now, Bestie can hold your blow dryer for you so can use both your hands to get the job done. Faster, easier and with way better results. My goal is to revolutionize how women get ready. I think we all understand how challenging it is to get ready. We put a lot of effort into our wardrobe and our makeup and all these other things but hair is our most valuable asset. It really is. When you have great hair - you can go out without makeup and you still look awesome. You can go out in your sweatpants and you still look awesome but I think hair is also the first thing that women neglect just because blow drying in the past has been so difficult. Bestie Blow Dryer Holder helps take the hassle out of blowdrying and makes it way easier (and faster) to get ready and achieve the hair look you really want or at least pretty darn close. Plus, when you're done - no need to put that blow dryer away. Bestie stays right there on the wall holding your dryer ready for the next use. Simple and easy. All you have to do is turn on, position and dry. Yay!