Frequently Asked Questions

Does Bestie hold all kinds of blow dryers?
Bestie was designed to hold all standard sized hairdryers. Some fit more snugly than others based on the thickness of their handles. If you have a thick handled hair dryer, you can remove the black rubber gaskets inside the holder to allow for more space. If you have a skinny handled dryer, it might wobble around a bit but still totally works. Mechanical stops are built into the holder so your dryer will never reach an angle where gravity can cause it to slip or fall out of the holder.

What is the holder made of?
Sturdy plastic.

What is the length of the arm?
About 6 inches.

How far from the wall does the arm extend?
Fully extended is 8 inches. It can fit in a pretty small space but still allows for the air to travel a good distance.

What size is the base that attaches to the wall?
The base is 4 X 4inches wide. The round face plate that snaps over it is 5 inches in diameter.

Is it easy to attach BESTIE to my wall?
Yes. Just unsnap the face place from the base mount with a blunt, flat instrument. Slide faceplate up to expose the base. Place Bestie against the wall near a mirror at eye level. Move the bar aside to reveal slits for screws. Tap a screw in with a hammer to get started. Use a screwdriver to screw it all the way in. (screws and inserts are provided). When all four screws are in place check to make sure it is on there securely. Slide the faceplate down and snap into place. Slide dryer handle all the way down through the top of holder with nozzle positioned toward the user. Turn on dryer and position airflow as needed. I put mine up with a high heel and a butter knife.

Is it easy to remove the blow dryer from the holder?
Yes, just grab your hair dryer and lift up through the top holder. A pass-thru space is provided for the cord so it should just come right out.

Can I hang Bestie with adhesive strips instead of screws?
No, absolutely not. Safety first.

How does Bestie stick on the wall?
Bestie fastens securely to the wall with four screws. Screws and inserts provided.

How does Bestie work?
Slide your blow dryer's handle all the way down in the top holder with the airflow positioned toward user. Bestie pivots from the base and the top so you can reach just about any angle you need. Turn on dryer, grab your brush and blow dry.

Question: Is Bestie adjustable for more than one user?
Yes. Bestie can be moved up and down and from left to right at the base and at the top so users of varying height can dry their hair.

Can I leave my blow dryer in the holder even when it's not being used?
Yes you can. Bestie makes a great "home" for the dryer when not being used and avoids the hassle of having to put the dryer away and taking up drawer space.

Where is the place place to use/put my Bestie?
Anywhere you dry your hair. Ideally the holder should be placed on the wall at eye level to the user where they can see themselves in the mirror. To the left of the mirror works best for right handed people. To the right of the mirror if you're left handed. This is just a suggestion.