Frequently Asked Questions

Will I get my watch before Father's Day?
Yes, weather and natural disasters notwithstanding.

How soon before you begin shipping?
We start shipping right after the show airs and continue until all items have been sent. Typically shipping takes less than 2 weeks to all go out the door and is sent mostly for 2nd-day delivery.

I didn't get an email confirmation about my order?
Are you sure you inputted the correct email address? The Today Show controls the entire eCommerce aspect of the experience and orders and confirmation emails are handled by them. Today Show sends an email to every customer’s address based on their inputted email information. Sometimes, overly aggressive Spam filters stop these emails. Please look again carefully.

I have tracking information, but there is no movement on the item?
Tracking information is created the moment the packing slip is printed and the item is picked. When the carrier (FedEx, UPS, DHL or USPS) comes to pick up the item it should show progress on movement. This is not always the case; sometimes the item arrives and the tracking still shows "in progress".

I received a broken or defective watch. What should I do?
Not to worry. Watch mechanisms are somewhat delicate and although we test every watch before shipping it out, during the arduous shipping process, parts may get dislodged or damaged, or the battery may choose that particular time to give up on life. Please contact us and we will arrange a return and reshipment at no cost to you.

The item shows as delivered, but I cannot find it?
Please check your home's back and side doors, other family members, and neighbors. Sometimes carriers leave the items there.

The item shows as "sold out". Do you have more?
No. Sorry. Our allocations are precise and once it says "sold out", it is gone. One caveat, however, and that is if the West Coast has not yet seen the show, new inventory is set aside for them and goes online mid-morning (we do not control the allocation or release). Please check back to see if the inventory has changed. If it stays sold out throughout the remainder of the sale, then unfortunately we have no more left (and no more coming).

The watch crown won't come out to change the time?
The watch is equipped with a "screw-down" crown. This crown must first be UNSCREWED, counter clock-wise, pulled out gently and the time then adjusted.

The watch won't start. Is it broken?
Is the crown properly screwed in? Or, if it is a push-pull crown, is it pushed in all the way? If it still does not start, there is likely a battery issue. Please contact us.

The battery life in the listings is given as 2-3 years. What happens when the battery-life ends and the watch stops working?
All Henry Jay Quartz watches feature STANDARD REPLACEABLE watch batteries. Any competent watchmaker or jeweler should be able to replace the battery for a minimal fee (usually no more than $20), thus restoring the watch to its working state for many more years of wear.