Jeffrey James, is a graduate and former walk on football player for the University of Washington. Prior to creating the Jeffrey James Botanicals line, James was immersed in the natural market as an entrepreneur in the nutraceuticals field. His passion for health was inspired by his own awakening after realizing that what you put in and on your body is crucial to your overall well-being. When his father was diagnosed with Melanoma skin cancer, he threw his passion and experience into creating Jeffrey James Botanicals. With the skin being our largest organ, he focused on organic actives, organic botanicals and potent vitamins to formulate what has become a premier natural and organic brand throughout the USA and internationally. Starting small he kept his focus on the efficacy, the purity and the most alluring scents he could develop. The results speak for themselves, radiant, happy, glowing skin. Shine from within.

Jeffrey James Botanicals is an organic skincare line based in the Pacific Northwest on a mission to allow people to create their most radiant versions - both inside and out. Each product in our line has been created with the finest organic actives, naturally pure botanicals, handpicked and hand crafted to deliver stunning results. All products are vegetarian, non-gmo, paraben, gluten, sulfate and cruelty free. Jeffrey James, passionate about health and well-being for decades, created J2 to share his vision for a natural skincare line that is highly effective, sophisticated, luxurious and affordable. The knowledge gained through his prior experience and the connections made in the field led to the development of a truly superior skin care line in Jeffrey James Botanicals.

“What you put on your body is as important as what you put in.” Jeffrey James