About Korina

Korina is a female-owned line of handcrafted natural care products based in San Francisco. 
Korina has evolved from our humble beginnings of making natural products for ourselves and friends three years ago into a retail line of handcrafted natural care products with pronounceable ingredients. At Korina, our goal is to create a safe, clean, and effective line of products that you and your family can use every day. We're passionate about helping you find natural solutions for what you use on your body that are free of toxins and just as effective, if not more effective, than anything synthetically made. Our line includes everything from our best-selling natural deodorant (our very first product) to bath & body products, body moisturizers, lip care, and skin care. We're glad you share our passion of going natural and are happy you are interested in our products.

Visit our website for more products at www.korinanaturals.com.

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We hope to become one of your trusted go-to wellness brands.