Frequently Asked Questions

  What is Miniware made of?
We use non-toxic, plant-based, all-natural materials to create our Miniware. Materials include: 100% food grade silicone/ heat pressed bamboo fiber/ all plant-based PLA.

Our suppliers meet both FDA (U.S. Federal Department of Agriculture) and LFGB [German food contact grade testing] standards. All finished products are tested to ensure the production process doesn't contain any toxins or chemical additives.

Why should I use the detachable suction foot?
There are 3 big reasons to use our popular suction foot:
1. Miniware can grow with your family. The suction foot creates a safe and stable environment for your little one to develop proper eating technique, then can be removed for a “grown-up” experience as skills improve.

2. The suction foot is designed to create a safe surface for new self-feeders and reduce the occurrence of spills and mess. No more knocked-over cups and bowls!

3. Our 100% silicone base is eco-friendly and easily composted or recycled at the end of its lifespan.

Please follow the included instructions to properly attach the suction foot for best results.

What type of surfaces does the Miniware suction foot stick to?
The Miniware suction foot works on wood, laminate, plastic, marble, glass or any smooth surface that will allow a strong seal between the silicone foot and table, tray or counter. For the best suction results rinse the suction foot before first use.

Please note: the suction foot works as a security measure to reduce mess and spills during the self-feeding learning process. Curious children may try to unlock the seal. Allow them to explore the base and they will eventually grow bored and begin to focus on the food.

How do I care for my Miniware?
Miniware is safe to clean in the dishwasher. Avoid using the heated dry feature if your dishwasher has one to extend the life of your product. We recommend wiping after washing and then drying in open air. If washing by hand, a regular soft sponge is best as the product surface can become scratched with a rough scrub sponge. Steel wool is not recommended.

Rinse before first use.

Is Miniware microwave-safe?
Yes, if used according to these instructions: make sure to fill cup/bowl etc at least 3/4 or more, set to medium heat or lower and heat for no longer than a minute. Usage at higher temperatures and/or longer than a minute may cause permanent damage to your Miniware!

We recommend microwaving food in another container before using Miniware to feed young children, this helps ensure food is cooled and avoids burning a child’s mouth.

Our food-grade silicone products are perfect for use in the microwave.