AquaSonic Duo Pro - Dual Handle Ultra Whitening Electric Smart ToothBrushes

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Accepted by the American Dental Association (ADA) Council on Scientific Affairs – AquaSonic's Duo Pro premium oral care technologies has earned the prestigious ADA seal of approval. Shown efficacy in removing plaque and helping prevent and reduce gingivitis, Duo Pro goes beyond just cleaning teeth – it provides complete oral care with unique modes that include one for whitening and polishing teeth and one for improving gum health.

PRO HOME & TRAVEL SYSTEM FOR 2 – World-class oral care gets even better with Duo Pro. Duo Pro features 2 IPX7 waterproof midnight black and optic white smart toothbrushes with 40,000VPM ultrasonic motors, lithium-ion batteries (30 days on a single charge), 4 unique modes with smart timers, and true wireless charging. A new UV sanitizing and wireless charging dock with an auto timer kills 99.99% of germs. Duo Pro features 10 ProFlex brush heads and 2 custom travel cases for a total of 15 items.

KILL 99.99% OF GERMS WITH UV SANITIZATION – Rinsing brush heads do little to kill leftover oral germs. Duo Pro solves this issue by using an auto-timed UV sanitizing chamber to kill 99.99% of germs and prevent them from multiplying before your next brushing session. The dual brush docking stations also feature true wireless charging; not the cheap USB charging of competitors.

GO BEYOND JUST CLEANING – AquaSonic removes 10x more plaque along the gum line than a manual toothbrush and 3x more plaque than legacy outdated electric toothbrushes. Whitening mode helps whiten teeth by using inverted frequencies to dissolve surface stains. Massage mode goes beyond teeth to improve gum health by delivering soothing micro-bursts into the tissue to improve circulation and overall health. A 30-second vibrational smart timer lets you know to brush a new area.

10 PROFLEX BRUSH HEADS & 2 TRAVEL CASES INCLUDED – Duo Pro features Dupont engineered ProFlex brush heads that use precisely angled bristles with just the right amount of elasticity to drastically enhance cleaning and whitening. 2 color-coded travel cases are included. Each Duo Pro smart brush will last a full 30 days on a single charge so no need to take your charging base on your trips.

DUAL 40,000 VPM SMART TOOTHBRUSHES – AquaSonic Duo features two world-class toothbrushes with the most up-to-date technology. Each satin handle houses an industry-leading 40,000 Vibrations Per Minutes ultrasonic motor that can be delivered via 3 unique modes. Each AquaSonic features ultra-fast wireless charging – simply set it back on its stand to charge. Features a smart vibration timer built-in letting you know to brush a new area while also IPX7 waterproof rated.

10 DUPONT BRUSH HEADS & 2 TRAVEL CASES INCLUDED - Every DUO set comes with 10 brush heads engineered by world-famous DuPont; a world leader in quality & materials science. Also included are 2 convenient color-coded custom hardshell travel cases made of BPA Free plastic with space for two brush heads. AquaSonic can last 4 full weeks (2 min/2x a day) on a full charge so it's perfect for on-the-go travel with the included travel case.

MODERN TECHNOLOGY - Each Duo toothbrush brings your oral health routine into modern times with its built-in enhanced features. Superfast wireless charging, 3 distinct brushing modes, and a smart vibrating notification timer are some of the enhanced features built into the sleek and ergonomic waterproof black and white satin handles.

- 1 Midnight Black Smart Toothbrush
- 1 Optic White Smart Toothbrush
- 1 UV Sanitizing and Wireless Charging Base
- 5 Midnight Black ProFlex Brush Heads
- 5 Optic White ProFlex Brush Heads
- 1 Midnight Black Travel Case
- 1 Optic White Travel Case