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Garnier-Thiebaut Inc.

Plumes Marina Beach/Pool Towel

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Meet your favorite new towels that will set the mood for a fun day. Perfect for relaxing by the pool or on the beach, these vibrant 100% cotton towels are crafted for exceptional softness. With a top side in velour, and back side in terry, these are also highly absorbent. Size: 39"x71". Made in Portugal.

About the brand:

Founded in France in 1833, Garnier-Thiebaut has been weaving fine home linens for over 185 years.

Renowned for its premium quality linens, Garnier-Thiebaut sets the dining, bed and bath rooms in the finest hotels, restaurants and homes around the world. The company is also dedicated to design and influence home linens for various lifestyles through unique and trendy collections.

Today, Garnier-Thiebaut linens make an immediate impact with their vivid colors and unique patterns.



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