Mini UV Sanitizing Wand with a No Touch Tool

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This item also uses the power of UV light to sanitize, however the UV Wand is perfect for on-the-go use.
It is mini and portable so it can easily fit in your pocket or bag. Not to mention how cute it is!
The UV wand is great for those everyday items and it is also great to use when you are out and about.
Easily sanitize anything you bring into your home
It the perfect tool to use on doorknobs, in stores, in the office, at the gym, in restaurants, subways, Ubers, hotels, hospitals, airports and on airplanes.
You can even use is it on shoes, baby toys, hygiene products, makeup tools and keyboards.

To use it, simply hold the UV Wand about 1-2 inches from the surface you are trying to sanitize.
Then gradually move the wand across the area for 10-20 seconds to ensure optimal exposure.

The Wand has a completely silent operation and is Odor free, Chemical free and has no harmful residue.
The UV Wand is built with auto-tilt shut off, so if it is tilted upward the UV light will automatically shut off.
Do not expose UV light directly to skin or eyes and keep this device out of reach of children at all times.

There is a built-in rechargeable battery and a charging cable is included
Ultraviolet Wavelength – 253.7 nanometers

No Touch Tool
Every items comes with a No Touch Tool.
This tool helps ensure that no part of your body ever comes in contact with other potential viral hotspots like the sink in a public restaurant or the door latch to a taxi or Uber.
Now you can avoid touching things like elevator and ATM buttons, door handles, touch screen kiosks at checkout or so many other surfaces.