Frequently Asked Questions

Are the pearl earrings within the candles genuine and what are they worth?
Every Anthony Dreyer Hidden Pearl Candle contains one pair of genuine pearl earrings valued at $199 per pair. The pearls are graded AAA round – the highest grade of genuine pearl earrings. These are the real deal!

How long does it take to retrieve the pearl earrings from the candle?
Your earrings are wrapped in foil for protection and buried about an inch into the wax of the candle. The surprise will start to appear after 4-5 hours of continual burning. When the foil-wrapped packet appears, you can pull it out of the wax (Be careful! Wax is hot!) and unwrap your gorgeous pearl earrings.

Does every candle contain pearl earrings?
Yes, every candle is guaranteed to contain one pair of genuine pearl earrings.

Tell me about the candle
Each candle is crafted from a fine, organic coconut oil blend with a special scent specifically chosen and formulated by Anthony Dreyer himself. He describes the scent as “beach,” the place he goes for all design inspiration.

The candle will burn for a full 65 hours for days of enjoyment.

When will I receive my candle?
We will ship all candles within two weeks, so you’ll receive yours well before Christmas!