Frequently Asked Questions

What types of makeup may I use with my new blendSMART2 brush?
All types of makeup can be used including liquid, crème, loose and pressed powders. Plus, you use much less product, so you save money on waste.

How does rotating technology vs. sonic technology differ?
Sonic technology vibrates and oscillates and was developed to remove, exfoliate and cleanse the skin. Rotating technology rotates at 360-degrees and was engineered to mimic the motion perfected by professional makeup artists to ensure even coverage and distribution of product.

Is it ok to use with sensitive skin?
Absolutely! Our rotating technology is gentle yet stimulates the skin for better circulation and promotes healthy coverage by spreading makeup evenly rather than pounding and filling pores with product like sponges, fingers and traditional brushes.

What type of battery is used?
The motor requires a non-rechargeable CR123A lithium battery that should last 9-12 months with normal usage and are easily available where batteries are sold. We recommend Amazon for less than $4.00 each.

 How do I clean my brush heads?
We recommend that the antimicrobial, synthetic brushes be cleaned weekly with any mild soap or brush cleanser. We love a Dove bar of soap and our brush cleansing mat included in some of the offerings.

Can I add more brush heads later?
blendSMART2 handles are compatible with blendSMART2 brush heads. The entire collection can be mixed and matched.

What warranties are offered by blendSMART2?
All blendSMART handles have a 1-year warranty and all interchangeable brush heads come with a 6-month warranty. We are 100% dedicated your satisfaction and won’t stop spinning until you are happy.

When will my blendSMART arrive?
We ship first-class mail and all USA shipments should arrive in 3-5 working days.