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All orders will ship within 2 weeks of the Sale Date.

Each product ordered will ship in one box with a size of 14”(H)
x 26”(L) x 7”(W)

Below is a more detailed list of each item included

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Body-Solid Tools Neoprene Dumbells

• Bright, color-coordinated weight increments

• Durable neoprene-coated finish.

• No-roll hex-ends for easy stacking and storage.

• Weight designations permanently stamped onto barbell ends

Body-Solid Tools Anti-Burst Exercise Ball

• Durable, anti-burst construction.

• Suitable for light commercial and home use.

• Includes hand pump

Body-Solid Tools

Resistance Tubes

• Varying Levels of intensity

• Work in multiple planes of motion

• Lightweight and portable

Body-Solid Tools Speed Jump Rope

• Adjustable up to 9’ 6”

• Sealed bearing pivot

• Ergonomic handle

Body-Solid Tools Ab Wheel

• Tone & strengthen abdominal, arm and shoulder muscles.

• Double wheel design adds stability

• Rubber handles provide comfortable and secure grip

• Lightweight and portable

Body-Solid Tools Yoga Mat

• Soft, flexible and lightweight

• Features a light-tack non-slip surface

• Perfect for home and studio use

• 72"x24"