Frequently Asked Questions

Return Policy:
All Today Show Sales are final. No returns, refunds or exchanges.

Case Installation:
Place the left side of the device into the case aligning the buttons of the case and the buttons of the device. Insert the rest of the device into the case and gently push down on all sides to ensure the case is fully snapped on to your device.

Case Removal:
Place both thumbs on either side of the upper right or upper left-hand corner and gently pull case partially away from the device. Repeat these steps on the opposite upper corner and pull the case off the remainder of the device.

Case Drop Protection:
All Carson & Quinn case platforms go through rigorous drop testing by a 3rd party laboratory. Our leather and silicone case platforms provide up to 6-foot drop protection while our clear and design case platforms provide up to 10-foot drop protection. Although our cases are drop tested, the cases may not prevent all damage to the device.

Case Wireless Charging:
All Carson & Quinn cases are compatible with wireless charging.

Other Case Features:
Each Carson & Quinn case provides built-in antimicrobial protection, anti-scratch technology and anti-yellowing technology. All cases are designed to accommodate most screen protector solutions.

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