Frequently Asked Questions

What makes Londontown different from other clean nail and beauty brands?
We believe in creating clean beauty thoughtfully, which means that what goes into our formulas is just as important as what we keep out of them. Since Londontown’s inception, we’ve always formulated our lakurs without the top toxic ingredients found in most nail polishes—and to this day, we’re proud to set the standard in effective nail color that’s truly, irrevocably clean. 

All of our products are powered by botanicals or infused with our proprietary Florium Complex to help care for skin and nails, skin deep. Our nail, hand, and skin care lines embody the same commitment to clean, effective formulas. We keep it real—and simple.

What is ‘kur®’?
kur® is our hand and nail care system; you’ll find products from top coats to restorative nail creams.

What is ‘lakur’?
lakur is our nail color line. It’s a play on “lacquer” with an emphasis on “kur®” because every polish is infused with Florium Complex, our proprietary botanical oil blend designed to promote healthier, stronger-looking nails.

How clean are your nail polishes? Are they non-toxic?
Since the clean beauty movement has gained momentum, definitions of “clean” have varied from source to source. At Londontown, our nail polishes are not only 16+ free, but they’re breathable—and full of nourishing, good-for-nail ingredients too. 

Londontown lakurs do not contain:

1.	Formaldehyde
2.	Toluene
3.	Phthalates, including DBP
4.	Formaldehyde resin
5.	Camphor
6.	Xylene
7.	Ethyl tosylamide
8.	Acetone
10.	Bisphenol A
11.	Glycol ether of series E (which are glycol ethers derived from ethylene oxide)
12.	Nonylphenol ethoxylate
13.	Sulfates
14.	Added fragrance
15.	Parabens
17.	Methylisothiazolinone
18.	Animal-derived ingredients

What is Florium Complex?
Florium Complex is the heart of Londontown: it’s our proprietary blend of botanicals and antioxidant-enriched flower oils designed to help fortify nails, maximize wear time of polishes, and condition nails or skin with every application. 

Here’s what’s inside Florium Complex:

	Rapeseed Flower Oil
	Evening Primrose Oil
	Chamomile Extract
	Cucumber Extract
	Garlic Extract
	Vitamin E

Where are Londontown products made?
Our lakurs and kur® line are manufactured in the U.S.

What is your return policy?
Because we are offering a special discount to the Deals We Love customer, returns will not be accepted.