About Dillon Rogers

In the beginning:

Dillon Rogers was founded in 2001 by Geoffrey Dillon and Dori Rogers. Their goal was to create a fashion jewelry and accessory collection with positive messages that feed your soul. Mastering recently released industrial technology allowed the DR team to be the first to create a proprietary engraving technique that allowed DR to have a fresh new look that had never before been seen in the fashion jewelry industry.

Soon after their start, the tragedy of 9/11 occurred. Days after, while the country was in mourning, Dillon Rogers was contacted by the Fred Segal boutique Los Angeles and Henri Bendel New York. They were asked to partner in a project to create over 600 memorial bracelets with the proceeds going to the 9/11 victims fund. The bracelets were engraved with words and phrases such as “in loving memory of those we lost”, “Proud to be an American” as well as “Never forget”. Their bracelets were an amazing success and sold out in only two days! Our country was in need of spiritual healing and the Dillon Rogers “Spiritual Band” was born.

Moving forward:

Shortly after, their bracelets were embraced by Kitson boutique in Los Angeles, thousands of their personalized bracelets and diamond initial bracelets were sold within the first 3 months. Their message bracelet exploded in popularity and was soon found adorning the wrists of Hollywood’s most fashionable celebrities such as Jennifer Aniston, Brad Pitt, and Hallie Berry. Dillon Rogers pushed forward and created a “must have” fashion boutique product, selling in over 3000 better quality specialty boutiques and department stores.