About Down Etc

Hospitality at Home
Launched in 2000 by a founder with a passion for pillows, Down Etc began as a purveyor of Top of the Bed and bath products to the most demanding boutique hotels in the world. For years, we received calls from hotel guests who wanted to purchase the pillows and bedding on which they had slept well during their hotel stays. We decided it was time to bring the comfort and luxury of the best hotels to people at home.

Sleep Health and Wellness
Sufficient quality sleep is essential for health and well-being. We have always known that. Nowadays, there is a market for anything that will bring a great night’s sleep. We believe a great night’s sleep begins with the right pillow and bedding. Please see our website at www.downetc.com for our curated collection of bedding products.

Sleep Hygiene
Down Etc is purpose-driven to provide comfortable and hygienic bedding that is luxurious and beautiful. We recommend consistent use of mattress pads and pillow protectors to maintain a clean sleep environment

Finding the Perfect Pillow
The right pillow is a personal choice that depends on your sleeping position, body size, and individual preference. The Rhapsody Wrap Pillow is a hospitality favorite and our number one best-selling pillow. The soft feather and down wrap around a firm feather core make it perfect for side sleepers. It also provides great support for sitting up in bed to read or watch television.