Down and Feather Pillows

What is the difference between down and feathers?
Down consists of the soft clusters found on the underside of a goose or a duck, which interlock to trap air. Feathers are the outer plumage; they are flatter and thicker than a down cluster. Many products are a mix of down and feathers. Generally, when there is more down in a product, it is fluffier and softer, and, when there is a higher feather content, it is firmer. The Rhapsody Wrap Down & Feather Pillow maximizes the properties of both with its soft down and feather outer wrap around a firmer feather core.

What if I am allergic to down and feathers?
Often when people are allergic to down, it has not been cleaned properly or the product has not been cared for properly and has developed dust or mold, which is the actual cause of most allergic reactions. Down Etc’s down and feather products are cleaned using our CentroClean™ process that removes the allergens. If you do find that you are allergic to down, we would like to recommend one of our down alternative pillows such as Down Etc’s AquaPlush®, which is hypoallergenic and filled with a combed polyester fiber.

How do I pick the perfect pillow in the perfect size?
At Down Etc, we think of ourselves as a Pillow Butler®. We love helping you pick the pillow that is perfect for you. It is always a matter of personal preference, but we can ask questions and make suggestions to assist you. We will take into consideration your size, sleeping position, and personal preference with respect to materials.

Product Care

How often should I wash my down and feather pillows?
Everyone drools and sweats when they sleep. Down Etc encourages the consistent use of pillow protectors to create the most hygienic bed and to protect your investment. Pillow protectors should be washed every time you change your sheets. You should wash your pillows upon soiling or after any build-up of moisture in your room. Keeping your down bedding clean and thoroughly dry will prevent the build-up of dust or mold.

How do I wash my pillows?
Down and feather pillows and Aquaplush® hypoallergenic down alternative pillows should be laundered if there are visible stains or noticeable odors on the pillows. They should be laundered in warm water with a mild detergent in a washing machine large enough to allow movement of the pillows in the drum. Pillows should be thoroughly dried to kill dust mites and to prevent mold growth. Down and feather pillows should be dried along with dryer balls or clean tennis shoes to open up the down and create maximum fluff. Even if down and feather pillows do not need laundering, they will benefit from being placed in the dryer for 3 to 5 minutes on low heat to open the down thereby fluffing and refreshing the pillows.

How often should I replace my pillows?
Pillow protectors used on all pillows will prevent soiling and the buildup of dust or moisture inside of your pillows. As long as your pillows are kept clean and free of moisture, you should not have to replace them for years. However, pillows should be replaced if stains or odors cannot be removed by laundering. When down or feather pillows have lost their fluffiness following drying, they should be replaced. Down Etc’s Aquaplush® hypoallergenic down alternative pillows should be replaced if there is a loss of structure and shape.

What are pillow protectors?
We recommend you protect your investment by using a pillow protector that zips closed on every pillow before inserting the pillow into the pillowcase. That is why we are offering our Rhapsody Wrap preassembled with a zippered pillow protector.

Return Policy

Can I return pillows?
Because we are offering a special discount to Steals and Deals’ customers, returns will not be accepted unless the product arrives damaged.