Frequently Asked Questions

Is dpHUE for all hair types?
We love all hair types, and so do our products. Whether you’re rocking straight, thin, coily, curly, wavy or afro-texture hair, dpHUE has products to cleanse without stripping essential oils and nourish with natural ingredients.

Are dpHUE products natural or organic?
All dpHUE products are formulated with ingredients proven to nourish hair and freshen color. While not certified organic, many of our products use natural and botanical powerhouses like apple cider vinegar, lavender extract, argan oil, dandelion extract, macadamia nut extract and many other vitamins-rich ingredients.

Does dpHUE test on animals?
Cruelty is cruel. No testing on animals, ever. Our products are also vegan.

What is so great about the ACV Hair Rinse?
ACV Hair Rinse is truly a one-of-a-kind workhorse. It cleans hair and scalp with the natural power of Apple Cider Vinegar, without stripping color or essential oils. Plus, with vitamin rich ingredients like argan oil, ACV Hair Rinse conditions in a way that leaves hair shiny, soft, frizz-free, and manageable. It’s a one-stop bottle that gives 360-degree care to scalp, color and hair.

What is so great about the ACV Scalp Scrub?
It is the ultimate way to clean and restore scalp and hair follicle health, naturally. The antimicrobial apple cider vinegar restores a healthy pH to scalp while the fine-grain Pink Himalayan Sea Salt detoxifies and exfoliates to remove dead skin cells and product buildup. Plus, hydrating avocado oil and aloe vera soothe, calm and nourish scalp.

What is so great about the ACV Hair Masque?
It intelligently repairs and deeply conditions with smart proteins that target damaged areas of the hair, without weighing hair down.
Plant-based conditioning agents restore elasticity and enhance luster, leaving hair soft, silky and vibrant. Benefits increase with use. Blended with fatty-acid rich Rosehip, Avocado and Coconut Oils. Sunflower Seed Extract protects color and enriched Vitamin B3 helps to strengthen hair.