About Electric Yoga

Electric Yoga’s activewear is made for ladies who like feeling trendy and confident. With bold, vibrant colors and original designs, Electric Yoga delivers chic comfortable pieces you can wear in and out of the gym. Our leggings and tops are versatile enough to cover all of your physical activities. You’ll feel comfortable and breathable while running, doing cardio, lifting, cycling, yoga and more. With detailing such as laser cut-outs, dynamic seams, and mesh panels, they’re even stylish enough to wear for a casual day at home or out on the go. Our brand features top quality materials that feel as good as they look. So whether you’re a fitness enthusiast or a beginner on the workout circuit, our activewear line will work for all your active needs.

Stephanie Eisenberg, the creative director and CEO of Electric Yoga stands behind the quality of her brand. Growing up in the garment industry, her love for yoga and hunger for design helped to shape Electric Yoga into its current form: a brand that offers a comfortable experience while promoting a healthy and smart lifestyle.

"At Electric Yoga, we are relentless about making the best yoga clothing. We want the clothes you wear to empower you to take risks, be confident and help you harness your inner electricity."
Stephanie Eisenberg