Frequently Asked Questions

Is it compatible with both IOS and Android devices?
Yes, it will for all Bluetooth enabled smart devices with internal keyboard.

Is it durable?
The outer case is made of high-quality aluminum and makes it very durable.

Does it feel like a regular keyboard?
The key responsiveness was designed to create the ultimate feel for the best typing results, like a laptop/PC keyboard.

What is the size?
Keyboard size 3.25"X5.75"X0.5"

What is the weight?
0.31 LB

How do I charge my device?
A micro USB cord is provided in the box to recharge the keyboard.

What is the battery life?
Charge the keyboard before the first use for 2-3 hours. Then, if not used, the battery will remain full for 60 days. If used continuously, the battery will last for 2-3 weeks (depends on the usage).

How do I connect the Keyboard to my phone, tablet or any other supporting device?
The keyboard connects to your Bluetooth enabled device wirelessly. Go to settings on your device and under your list of Bluetooth devices, choose TYPE – wireless keyboard.

Is there a case for the keyboard?
A soft micro-fiber pouch is provided in the box to protect and clean the keyboard.