Frequently Asked Questions

U Pro Speakers:

To connect your U speaker, turn on the speaker by pressing the power button for a few seconds until you hear a sound indicator and the blue lights come on. Turn on your device and activate the Bluetooth function. Search for Bluetooth pairing name “Uspeaker” and click to pair, the speaker will pair automatical



  1. Click on Bluetooth. sign in the header bar. 
  2. Connect to the speaker by pressing down on the speaker until you see a blue light. 
  3. Find U Speaker in the list and click connect. At this point you should hear a sound indicating it's been connected. 
  4. Click on your settings app and scroll to the sound settings. Change the output from the computer to USpeaker and all sounds from the computer will come through the speaker. 


  1. Click on Bluetooth in your down bar and select settings. 
  2. Click on Add Bluetooth. Choose Bluetooth Device, and then find U Speaker. You should hear a clicking sound indicating that it is connected.  

When battery needs to be charged, the music will begin to dim. To charge the device, simply connect the micro-USB cable to a USB port. Once the red light turns off, the device is fully charged.       

Prior to pairing, go to your Bluetooth settings and select "forget device" on any Uspeaker that shows In range. Next. turn both speakers on and wait for 15-20 seconds. The Speakers should pair automatically. If they don't pair, double click on the back button of one of the two Pro speakers. When paired, there will be a sound indicating the speakers are paired. Your main speaker will have a blinking light underneath. Go to your Bluetooth settings to find the speaker under the name "Uspeaker' and connect it. You should only have one Uspeaker showing connected on your Bluetooth list. The second speaker will have a steady light indicating it's paired to the first. Now you can play your music and enjoy your stereo surround sound. You can take a selfie pictures with your main speaker. After pairing the speakers once, it will pair automatically anytime they are turned on, as long as the Bluetooth settings have not been changed.   

 U Headphones

How do I pair with my mobile device or TV? 
Turn on the device you wish to pair to your headphones and go to the Bluetooth setting. Turn the headphones on by holding down the "Home" button for 3 seconds and ensure that Bluetooth is enabled on your device. 

Find "U Headphones" on your device list and click on ii to pair.
Once your headphones are paired to a specific device, they will remain paired and automatically recognize each other whenever they turned on and within range. 

How do I pair with my computer?
Turn on the computer you wish to pair to your headphones and go to the Bluetooth list on your computer. Select the "search Bluetooth devices" function and find "U Headphones" on your device list. Use the right click on your mouse to select "pairing", then select "connect with audio device" with the same operation. If your computer does not include a Bluetooth function, a Bluetooth adapter will be necessary. You can now use the U Headphones to listen to music, watch videos, and make video calls on your device.

Are the headphones rechargeable? How do I charge them?
To charge the headphones, insert one terminal of your charging cable (included with the packaging) to a USB port and the other terminal to the headphones themselves. 

While charging the headphones you will see a red LED light indicator.
When the charging is complete, the light will change from red to blue. 

How long will one charge of the battery will last?
Up to 15 hours.

Does it come with a case?
Yes, a stylish and protective soft case is included in the packaging. 

Does it have a built-in Microphone for phone call conversations and gaming?
Yes, a sharp and dependable Built-in Microphone was designed for a great user experience.

TYPE Wireless Keyboard

Is it compatible with both IOS and Android devices?
Yes, it will for all Bluetooth enabled smart devices with internal keyboard.

Is it durable?
The outer case is made of high-quality aluminum and makes it very durable.

Does it feel like a regular keyboard?
The key responsiveness was designed to create the ultimate feel for the best typing results, like a laptop/PC keyboard. 

What is the size?
Keyboard size 3.25"X5.75"X0.5"

What is the weight?
0.31 LB

How do I charge my device?
A micro-USB cord is provided in the box to recharge the keyboard.

What is the battery life?
Charge the keyboard before the first use for 2-3 hours. Then, if not used, the battery will remain full for 60 days. If used continuously, the battery will last for 2-3 weeks (depends on the usage).

How do I connect the Keyboard to my phone, tablet, or any other supporting device?
The keyboard connects to your Bluetooth enabled device wirelessly. Go to settings on your device and under your list of Bluetooth devices, choose TYPE – wireless keyboard. 

Is there a case for the keyboard?
A soft micro-fiber pouch is provided in the box to protect and clean the keyboard.