Founded by Kristeen Griffin-Grimes in the kitchen of her Seattle home, FRENCH GIRL puts people and planet first, valuing high-quality ingredients, ethical business practices, and a cruelty-free supply chain over all else.

Raised in a French-Cajun household, FRENCH GIRL’s Founder and Creative Director Kristeen Griffin-Grimes references her European roots with inspired formulations based on time-tested artisanal recipes. Armed with a background in advanced botany and chemistry and an enduring passion for plant-based ingredients, Kristeen brings years of experience and passion to all of FRENCH GIRL’s botanically active creations.

FRENCH GIRL’s mission is to create luxurious, guilt-free products for everyday self-care. As such, environmental impacts, fair trade, and labor practices are all a part of the clean beauty equation. FRENCH GIRL’s supply chain is entirely cruelty-free, manufactured in-house in Seattle, Washington, and all products are Tested on French Girls, Never on Animals. FRENCH GIRL offers a specially-curated selection of beautiful, effective skincare products are thoughtfully created to provide an opulent, multi-sensory experience of guilt-free indulgence.