Frequently Asked Questions

What is Simulated diamonds?
Diamond simulant are manufactured to look like diamonds but are composed of very different materials. Although simulant share some similarities in appearance to a diamond, they are generally readily identifiable as stand-ins. which is a crystal form of zirconium oxide. This simulant is newer, boasts slightly more sparkle, and is composed of the crystal carbide.

Jewelry care information:
Your Genevive jewelry piece will last much longer if handled gently. Try to avoid direct or prolonged contact with oils, creams and alcohol based products including fragrances. After each wear, gently wipe clean with a lint-free cloth.

Where and how is the Jewelry designed?
DESIGNED IN NYC: Genevive was a vision that began to take shape more than 60 years ago. It was founded in 1950’s by European jewelers who eventually settled in New York City. With years of experience designing and creating exquisite jewelry, they realized there is a need for classic, cosmopolitan and carefully-made jewelry that could be had by most women without sacrificing workmanship and quality.

Are the Jewelry gift ready?
Yes, all the jewelry items are gift ready, using Genevive luxury packaging. Send the perfect Gift in the special holiday time directly to your family and friends! (Package will arrive without the retail price tag.)

Can I return or exchange my item?
All Today show sales promotions are final sales no returns no exchanges.

What if my item arrived damaged?
We are here to help you email us at

When should I expect my order to be delivered?
All Products will be shipped as soon as the sale ends.

Any additional Questions?
Feel free to contact us at