Frequently Asked Questions

When can I expect my order?
First, thanks for your order! We’ll be shipping as soon as we receive orders, and we’ll be working around the clock to get everything nicely packed up and shipped out as soon as possible. However, given the considerable amount of orders received, some people may receive their orders up to 2 weeks from ordering. We know that’s a long time to go without, but good things take time, and we guarantee that nothing will arrive after that maximum 2 week window.

Did you really start in the Farmer’s Market?
Yes, in sunny Venice Beach, California. We’ve been obsessed with quality since making our very first gourmet salt, and we promise to bring you only the very best in quality, health, and functionality.

Are your products all natural?
Yes! We scout only the best in sustainable ingredients, from sea salt from the Pacific to herbs from our local farmers. We are proud to be affiliated with the Non GMO Verification Project, and unlike almost all other spice/salt/seasoning companies, our products are free of soy, wheat, gluten, ground and tree nuts. We also never irradiate or use ETO, which we think is unnecessary and gross: instead we treat our products by good old natural high pressure steam to make sure that everything is fresh and clean.

Why are your tins magnetic?
Our mission is to encourage people to share the magic of cooking. The magnetic tins allow you to get them off the spice rack or drawer, and out where you can see and use them: they stick to most fridges, BBQs, hoods, ranges, even your car do if you like.