Frequently Asked Questions

What is Hair Chemist?
Quality, Nourishing, Hair care… with the wonders of natural ingredients. We’re committed to you and your hair. We want you to have the most beautiful, luscious and healthy hair you can. Our hair care products are formulated using only natural ingredients, to keep your hair healthy, youthful and strong with salon quality products. Our hair care products not only nourish your hair and scalp, but also treat a variety of different problems faced by your hair and scalp.

What do you recommend for damaged hair?
Our COCONUT OIL HAIR LINE is the ultimate in revitalizing hair and scalp care. Our Coconut Oil line helps repair and regrow damaged hair, providing each strand with a smooth, healthy shine. We offer Shampoos, Conditioners and styling products infused with coconut oil, that help revitalize your hair and improve the health of your hair and scalp, while leaving your hair shinier and beautiful.

I suffer from frizzy, dry hair… what can Hair Chemist do for me?
Our HAIR CHEMIST MACADAMIA LINE combines both Macadamia Oil and Argan Oil, for rapid penetration. Our Macadamia and Argan oil formula products allow for unbelievable absorption and penetration to the hair, for a frizz-free, shiny look and feel.

My hair is thinning and damaged. Can Hair Chemist help?
YES! Our COLLAGEN AND VITAMIN E product line is specially formulated for lifeless and thinning hair. It fuels your hair with moisture and protein rebuilding power. It penetrates each follicle, creating volume and strength. Ideal for thin, fine hair and all hair needing a boost in volume.

I’m concerned about the effect environmental pollutants can have on my hair. Does Hair Chemist offer any products for me?
YES! HAIR CHEMIST CHARCOAL WITH CITRUS OIL, is a powerful charcoal infused hair care line, ideal for deep cleansing and detoxifying, while keeping hair healthy and manageable. With environmental concerns such as pollution and toxicity, our charcoal hair care line provides a defense for hair. Charcoal is known to help fight the great fight against toxins while unclogging pores and the absorption of excess oils, dirt and grime. Let our charcoal line be your best line of defense against toxins and impurities.

I’m looking for an “all around” solution for my hair, what do you suggest?
Our ELEVATE product line, is a complete four step hair care system. Our Elevate Balm2Oil Pre-Shower Deep Hair Treatment is a hydration sealant that’s applied on dry hair before showering and shampooing. Then, our Elevate Jelly Shampoo a gel like, low-foaming formula, safe for color treated hair, detoxifies pollutants and dirt as it cleanses. Next, Gel2OIL Post Wash is more than a conditioner, it’s an intense deep hair treatment, rich in anti-oxidants, helping create a pristine and polished look. Rounding things out, our Elevate Spongy Hair Wax, is a medium hold styling wax. Softens and protects against humidity to gives you a look you will love all day long! Best of all, all our Elevate products are Sulfate-Free!

My hair is damaged and I’m looking for a long-term treatment, what can Hair Chemist offer?
Our PHASE 3 HAIR REPAIR OILS are botanical blends infused with luxurious botanicals that transform dull or damaged hair to vibrant health, repairing split ends. The Phase 3 Hair Repair Oil for Heat Protecting and Smoothing helps tame both fly-aways and frizz. This triple botanical blend revitalizes hair, controls frizz, adds shine and maximizes moisture retention. Our Phase 3 Hair Repair Oil for Dry or Damaged Hair is a revitalizing formula combining essential botanical oils into a potent restorative blend that transforms dull or damaged hair to vibrant, healthy hair.