Frequently Asked Questions

Brew indicator light flashes:
• 2 times: Coffee maker needs to be cleaned.
• 3 times: Coffee maker lid is not closed properly. Push lid down to lock into place.
• 7 times: Coffee maker needs to be cleaned.
• 8 times: Needle is clogged. Always remove gray removable needle holder and follow “Clogged Needle”.
• All lights flashing: Brew process was interrupted and water needs to be purged from coffee maker. Follow “How to Purge” on page 6 to allow cup size to be selected.

Water indicator illuminated.
• Add water to water reservoir.

Water remaining below water reservoir.
• This is normal if the reservoir has been removed and water is remaining.

Coffee tastes bad.
• Too much water was added or too much or too little ground coffee was added. Change amount of water to coffee grounds or use less water with coffee packs.
• Poor coffee quality and freshness.
• Poor water quality (use filtered or bottled water).

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