Frequently Asked Questions

Does 7X have a cool shot button?
Yes! There is a cool shot button

How many speed settings does it have?
Instead of limited settings, 7X has an infinity dial that allows you to adjust the airflow to precisely your desired speed

What length is the cord?
7X has a 9 foot power cord

What is the wattage?
We have been trained that higher wattage means more power. However, technology has evolved and 7X is able to blow more air than a 2000W dryer but at only 1875W

Can I remove the mesh filter?
Unfortunately, no. The filter on 7X is not removable for safety and protection of the fan.

How do I clean the mesh filter?
While 7X is unplugged from the outlet, use a soft brush to gently remove any particles lodged in the filter. You can also use a damp (not wet) cloth to wipe the mesh clean. The unit must be completely dry before plugging back in to the outlet.

Does 7X come with a concentrator?
Yes, every 7X includes an airflow concentrator

What if I lose my concentrator?
Please contact us at for assistance

What if I need a diffuser?
We do have diffusers made for the 7X Smart dryer. Please contact us at for assistance