Frequently Asked Questions


What can I use this tool for?
MAX PRIME WET TO DRY truly replaces your hairdryer, straightener, curler, and volumizer. Although it's best for drying hair, it can still use this tool on dry hair. Additionally, our patented rotating iron technology works on all hair types. Transform thin, flat hair to voluminous hair with body, or quickly straighten coarse or coily hair.

How does this work on damp hair? I don’t want to damage my hair.
MAX PRIME WET TO DRY includes special wet to dry bristles - the first row of bristles whisks water away from your hair through the channels in the bristle pod. Plus the heated barrel is constantly rotating which helps to prevent damage that you would get from a traditional iron plate.

Can you touch up dry hair with this tool?
Yes! The MAX PRIME WET TO DRY can be used on damp hair and on fully dried hair for styling or touch-ups.

I saw this works faster than a blow dryer and straightener. How?
Our patented rotating iron technology is the secret behind faster styling: the first row of bristles smooths and separates your hair, and the second row adds shine and polishes as the rotating barrel passes the hair through. The rotating iron rotates 110 times per minute, so imagine how much work the tool is doing with each pass! 

Can I replace the bristle pods?
We don’t currently offer a replacement for the pod, but please contact us at for assistance