Frequently Asked Questions

What are the sizes, weights, and dimensions the Layla weighted blankets are available in?
The Layla weighted blanket comes in the following sizes, dimensions, and weights: TWIN: 48” x 72” 15LBS QUEEN: 60 x 80 20LBS KING: 80 x 87 25LBS

Why doesn’t my weighted blanket fit my bed?
Weighted blankets are purposely made slightly smaller than the size of your mattress. You don’t want your weighted blanket hanging over the sides of your mattress otherwise it will inevitably pull toward the floor and fall off, leaving you cold and lonely.

What is the Layla Weighted Blanket made from?
The top (black layer) of the weighted blanket is made with 300 thread count 100% cotton. While the bottom layer (closest to you) is made with 100% polyester and mink fabric.

When would I use a weighted blanket?
The weighted blanket is great to use while you lounge on a chair, couch, or even when sleeping in bed.

Is the Layla Weighted Blanket bulky?
Not at all. We use high quality glass beads instead of lower quality soft plastic pellets, fewer beads are used, resulting in a much slimmer blanket compared to others on the market. Plastic pellets tend to have texture similar to pebbles, whereas micro glass beads provide a smoother feel, similar to sand.

What makes the weighted blanket heavy?
The Layla Weighted Blanket is filled with high density, non-toxic, micro glass beads that are evenly distributed throughout the blanket in Layla’s precisely stitched pattern.

Is the weighted blanket safe?
Yes. The Layla weighted blanket is certified free of lead and other harmful chemicals that might affect some sleepers. Each weighted blanket is filled with non-toxic glass beads that are seamlessly stitched together for a strong hold ensuring no leaks.

What are the benefits of the Layla Weighted Blanket?
Weighted blankets are thought to help children with Autism and anxiety disorders. They are believed to be beneficial to adults with PTSD, insomnia, or restless leg syndrome. The weight from Layla’s weighted blanket is designed to have many therapeutic benefits by relieving stress from deep-touch pressure stimulation. This leads to a calming affect that causes many people falling asleep faster and staying asleep longer.

What’s the difference between glass beads and plastic bead filling?
Micro glass beads are infused inside the Layla weighted blanket to make it feel heavy. Glass beads are much finer and smoother than other fillings, such as plastic pellets that are lumpy and make a significant amount of noise when moved.

1 How do I wash the Layla Weighted Blanket?
The Layla Weighted Blanket is machine washable. Here are the instructions:
Wash at Maximum 85F
Wash Cold Gentle
Do Not Bleach
Do Not Iron
Tumble Dry on Low