About Levears Earring Lifts

A letter from our Founder:

I have been in the retail jewelry business for over 30 years. In that time I have observed customers of all ages struggle with various earring problems. For some, their piercing was not in the right place, for others their hole had stretched, or the earring was just too heavy and uncomfortable for their ears.I had the same problem. My earrings did not sit upright. I had the droop.After trying everything on the market I could find to improve the way my earrings looked and felt, without success I figured, “this is just the way it has to be”.

Finally, after years of trial and error, I came up with this unique idea that solved the problem!And so Levears were created. There is simply nothing like them on the market today and the effect is instant. With the support they give both your earring and earlobe, you will see that not only do all of your post earrings sit upright and look beautiful, but they also feel more secure. Levears works for every type of post earring: light or heavy, big or small, hanging or stud earrings. It works well on both fun and fine jewelry.So go ahead and give Levears a try. I promise you’ll be amazed. You will be able to wear the earrings you love, look fabulous and feel secure.

Robin Levinson