About m.greengrass

m. greengrass wants to take you on a sensory journey. Unwind as you inhale the crisp ocean air off of  Manhattan Beach. Savor a fresh cone of vanilla ice cream on a sunny day in the French Riviera. Take in the  invigorating citrus aromas that fill Barcelona’s cobblestone streets. No passport required. These  experiences are yours — anywhere, anytime — with m. greengrass.

Our products are globally-inspired and  are crafted in Los Angeles and are the ultimate scrapbook of our experiences, travels, and memories. M.  Greengrass is named after our co-founder’s grandmother Minnie Greengrass and founded in tribute to  immigrants across America. The result is an inspired range of body and skincare products that lead the  industry in artful formulation and design, cutting edge formulas, while being a vehicle for social support.  

At m. greengrass, we believe that every person has the power to make an impact every day. That belief is  built into our business and drives us forward. Our ethos lives in our products and carries into your home.  We want your skincare products and burning candles to inspire your own “Minnie” acts of kindness. Let  them serve as the catalyst for whatever it is that only you can do. 

Our body products are all free of PEGS, Parabens, Phthalates, and we NEVER test on animals. Our Pillars

We believe in high quality, efficacious ingredients, and crafting a product with impeccable design. We  believe in beauty in all its forms. We believe in high standards at a reasonable price, and are in constant  improvement. We intend to leave behind a legacy to be proud of. 

We work with our chemists to find the most advanced skincare technology to maximize the results while  being safe.  

While our products are of the utmost importance to us, they are simply the vehicle by which we share  our values with our community. We hope that our candles are lit in the center of a boisterous dinner  table, that our oils & lotions are given as thoughtful gifts to loved ones, and that our fragrances inspire  you to pick up the phone or write an overdue letter. 

The rich heritage of our ancestors is what has and always will make America hopeful. We celebrate the rainbow quilt of American immigrants by collecting, preserving & sharing the scents,  skincare routines and customs of our homelands. From Switzerland to Swaziland, we seek to honor the  practical wisdom of those that came before us. 

Waste has no virtue at m. greengrass. We strategically develop our products to serve more than just their  original purpose. Our items are packaged with food safe containers, and are designed to be reused in  unlimited ways. With products that are born of our stories, we hope to become part of yours. 

Respecting & celebrating our differences is the key to building a stronger sense of community. Our  products celebrate the origins of our cultures, and sharing them helps us appreciate those we may never  meet. Cultivating connection & and empathy is at the core of our mission.