Frequently Asked Questions


Please note:
Only 1 Voucher Code may be redeemed per order on
If you have multiple codes, use 1 per order.

How do I customize my puzzle?
We recommend first creating a free account on our site that will save your images and projects on our server. Here is a link to create your free account. Here is the link to the Puzzle product page. Select the puzzle product that matches the voucher code you purchased and start creating!

How do I upload images?
You can upload your images before you start your puzzle project, or while building it. Before you start your puzzle, go to My Projects then click the orange Upload button. While creating your puzzle, click the orange Upload button in the upper left. From the Upload page, we recommend leaving the size as Original to maintain the best resolution of your images. Then Browse to find your images, select and upload them. You will need to create a Collection to upload your images into if you have not already created one. You will be prompted to do this.

How do I use my voucher to pay?
You will enter your voucher code during checkout on the Promotions page, then click Add.

I bought 2 vouchers. How can I enter the second one?
We apologize for any inconvenience, but our site will only allow one voucher code per order. You will need to place a second order to use your other voucher code.

How do I know what my puzzle will look like?
Our project builder is a WYSIWYG builder. What You See Is What You Get. This means that the image placement, cropping and text you create in the builder, will be how your puzzle will appear. You can click on the Preview button in the upper left to see the puzzle without the cropping lines. (You will see PROOF across the project.)

How do I add Text to my puzzle?
At the bottom of the builder, you will find the edit features, including an Add Text icon. Click the Add Text icon and a text box will appear. The text box will have default settings for font, font size and color. Click on the Text Box and you will see the edit features for text. You can change the size and placement of the text box. Make sure your text box is large enough for the text, that it is not scrolling.

My voucher code won’t apply to my order.
Make sure there are no typos or spaces with your code and that you have not previously used the same code. Then check that you have clicked Add. Compare the information on the code you purchased to the puzzle in the cart and make sure the puzzle details match since codes are for a specific puzzle product.

What types of image files can I upload?
We only print JPG image files in RGB color. If your images are a different file type (PNG, TIF, etc.) or color profile, we request that you edit your images prior to uploading to our site.

Can I use any size image?
Smaller size images may receive a warning in the builder. It will appear as a small triangle in the center of the project. We recommend a minimum 100 pixels per inch. For an 8x10 puzzle, this would be a minimum 800x1000 size image. Resizing a smaller image may increase pixel count but will not improve the resolution.