About Moral Code

Moral Code Footwear: Our Story

We believe that premium leather shoes and accessories should always be obtainable.

That style and fashion aren’t exclusive clubs. That luxury should never be a luxury.

For these very reasons, we created Moral Code.

Crafted to perfection.

We work with talented artisans from around the globe who use only the finest of materials, so our products seamlessly blend head-turning swagger with jaw-dropping sophistication. They’re contemporary yet timeless. Luxurious yet affordable. Because when all is said and done, that’s our moral code.

Quality. Control.

Quality, handcrafted leather goods begin with having control. Total control. So that’s what we do. We control and monitor every aspect of our supply chain to ensure we deliver nothing but premium products. From the raw materials, components, and labor to final production and even delivery, we oversee it all with a steadfast focus toward detail and perfection.