Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get the Botvac D4 to clean using No-Go Lines?

First, you need to have your Botvac D4 create a floor plan. Go to My Floor Plan, and follow the instructions to send your robot out to create a floor plan. Once the map is saved, you’ll be able to draw No-Go Lines on it. To clean with No-Go Lines, your robot vacuum must start from the charge base and you have to use the Neato app or schedule a cleaning in order for the robot to adhere to the No-Go Lines.

Is there “regular” maintenance required for the Botvac D4?

To keep you Botvac D4 running in tip-top shape you should do a few routine things. Use a Q-Tip to clean the drop sensors monthly. Remove the main brush and clean it off using the hair cutting tool monthly. Change filters every three months to maintain its effectiveness in trapping dust and allergens. Down the road, you’ll want to replace the main brush as well as the battery in order to get the best possible clean.

If the Botvac D4 does not finish cleaning, does it automatically recharge and resume?

Yes, your Botvac D4 will automatically recharge and resume. Not only that, if you are cleaning using a saved floor plan, your robot will use the Quick Boost charging features in which it calculates how much area is left to clean and then only charges that amount so it can get back out cleaning faster. Imagine you have only one room left to clean and it requires 10% more charge to complete. Your robot will go back and get just enough power to complete that last room.

Does Botvac D4 work with Amazon Echo or Google Home?

Yes, you can use voice commands to start your Botvac D4 using Amazon Alexa on your Amazon Echo, as well as Google Assistant on your Google Home. However, if you want to use No-Go Lines, you must start your cleaning using the Neato app or schedule a cleaning.

What does the extra care navigation feature do on the Botvac D4?

Your Botvac D4 does its best to clean every inch of your floors. So it gets very close to walls or stationary object. With extra care navigation, your robot will be more carefully maneuvering around your delicate items.

Can I use the multiple devices to control my Botvac D4?

As long as you use the same account to sign into the Neato app on the other devices, you can use the same account. So, you can give access to any of your family members to start your Botvac D4.