Frequently Asked Questions


What are the dimensions?
PediPocket original is 50 x 70 inches with a conical shaped foot pocket that is 20 inches deep to allow both feet to sit comfortably. Bye bye fuzzy socks!

What are the care instructions?
We wanted PediPocket to be resilient for everyday use. It’s machine washable and dryer friendly with your gentle machine settings. It’s important to wash PediPocket separately and tumble dry on low heat. The most important thing to note when washing your PediPocket is that friction and heat are the enemy and can cause pilling. Follow the care instructions closely and you will enjoy your PediPocket’s softness for years to come. Lastly you can toss in a single dryer sheet for added softness. Just make sure not to use bleach. We recommend washing your PediPocket prior to first use to remove any fibers that may linger from cutting during the assembly process.

Note: PediPocket is not responsible for damage due to improper care.

What type of fabric is used?
PediPocket is made of plush fleece fabric with a velvety feel. It’s not only incredibly soft, but also durable.

How heavy is PediPocket?
PediPocket is a medium to light weight blanket, perfect for use all year around, inside and outdoors.

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