Frequently Asked Questions

What is Perfect Formula?
Perfect Formula is a luxury nail care line specially formulated to treat common problems including brittle, weak, peeling and damaged nails. This revolutionary collection of products strengthens and conditions nails to help make your natural nails grow longer and healthier.

How often should I apply Perfect Formula Pink Gel Coat or Ruby Pink Gel Coat?
One or two coats once per week. For best results, remove any previous coats using regular nail polish remover prior to new application.

Can I put my regular nail polish on top of Pink or Ruby Pink Gel Coat?
Yes! Perfect Formula Gel Coat is formulated as a base coat that strengthens your nails and will also help your favorite nail polish color last longer.

When should I use Pink Gel Coat, Ruby Pink Gel Coat, or Gel Coat Color?
Choose Pink Gel Coat or Ruby Pink Gel Coat for a healthy looking manicure with a rosy glow finish. Both products can be used as a base coat under nail polish or under Gel Coat Color.

How do I apply Pink or Ruby Pink Gel Coat Color?
One brush stroke on each side of the nail and one down the middle. Let dry to self-level and then apply additional coats as needed to achieve the desired effect.

How do I remove Perfect Formula treatment and color products?
Perfect Formula products can be easily removed with any nail polish remover. No soaking necessary.

What happens if the product inside my bottle gets thick?
Apply one or two drops of nail polish remover. Try to keep the bottle sealed as air will dry the product in the bottle, just as it does on your nails.

What is the life expectancy of the Perfect Formula products?
12 months once opened, two years if unopened.