Frequently Asked Questions

Where are the products manufactured?
All products are manufactured in China and designed by Picnic Time Family of Brands, a family-owned company in California.

What is your return policy?
Because we are offering a special discount to customers, returns will not be accepted unless the product is found damaged.

What are the Artisan Acacia Serving Planks made of?
Made of natural acacia wood and hemp rope.

What are the care instructions for the Artisan Acacia Serving Planks?
Surface wash only with a damp cloth. To prevent the wood from warping and cracking, do not submerge in water.

What does the Artisan Acacia Serving Planks (Set of 2) include?
• 1 Artisan 24” Acacia Serving Plank (24 in x 8 in x 0.75 in)
• 1 Artisan 18” Acacia Serving Plank (18 in x 6 in x 0.75 in)

Is each Artisan Acacia Serving Plank identical?
No, each piece features a unique raw wood finish.