Frequently Asked Questions

How does the vacuum seal container work?
Close the container with lid, fold the clip downwards, and place manual pump on valve located in the center of the lid. Remove the air from the container by actuating pump several times until resistance is noticeable. To open, press the silicon valve in the center of lid. When air has escaped, fold the clip upwards and remove the lid.

What if the seal does not feel tight and doesn’t vacuum after a while?
Check both clips on the side of lids are properly closed before pumping the air out. If the lid was not closed properly, the air will leak out during pumping process.
Also please make sure the silicon valve and silicon tape around the lid is in proper position. If there is food debris or any object on the silicon valve and tape on lid, sealing is not going to work properly.

How do I know it is vacuum sealed?
Pumping gets harder and eventually it does not pull up and check the lids to see if they are sealed and locked before storing in the fridge.
To ensure that vacuumed food remains fresh, a check must be made every few days to ensure that the vacuum is present. Please convince yourself once more by pumping until resistance is noticeable.

How long will it take for my order to ship?
All orders will ship within 2 weeks, and once your order is shipped you will receive an email with tracking number.

What if my package shows delivered but I never received it and what is return policy?
We ship without a signature required for delivery so we recommend having a secure place to have your package delivered to as Prepsealer is not responsible for any lost package that have been scanned as delivered by the carrier. We are unable to accept returns, but we will replace only container or parts that are damaged within 30 days from purchase date.