About RōM Outdoors

A new father of twins was tired of lugging blankets, coolers, and chairs to outdoor events and family activities. As one man with one too many things to carry, he invented a game-changing backpack, stitching the very first prototype himself. With that prototype, RōM Outdoors was born and the rest, as they say, is history!

A small company committed to growing and innovating at a smart pace, RōM’s mission is to simplify life by making outdoor products with maximum utility. RōM Packs have been on hunting expeditions, to archery courses, survival schools, soccer tournaments, family hiking adventures, ballparks, and more. The RōM Pack is for everyone who understands that a day out in the elements can change quickly.

“Our RōM Pack can prepare you for a perfect storm or a perfect sunset—and everything in between,” says the RōM Outdoors Founder & Chief Adventurer. “And we’re not stopping there.”