About SIJO

Sijo is a mindful lifestyle brand that is transforming the way we think and feel about the home. Using carefully curated and sustainable materials that are backed by science, Sijo’s expertly designed products are uncompromising and unparalleled -- delivering comfort, wellness, and beauty in every possible way. This stems from the brand mission to cultivate the importance of a mindful lifestyle at home, because the Sijo team believes the home is more than just a physical space. A mindful home acts as a reminder of the good things in life such as harmony, health, and happiness.

Sijo is sharing their signature Eucalyptus Bedding Collection. Eco-friendly, made without harsh chemicals or dyes, and with a minimal environmental impact, these products are as sustainable as they are comfortable. Sijo's eucalyptus bedding products are temperature-regulating, hypoallergenic, and antimicrobial. The eucalyptus fabric is silky soft, smooth, and has a luxurious sheen. All together, this means you’re in for healthy and restful nights.