Frequently Asked Questions

Will Surface Smoothing Gel make my skin peel?
No, it will only soften and roll away dead surface cells that are dulling your complexion but will not "cause" peeling.

How do I know when I removed most of my dead surface cells?
Once you've reapplied and you notice the balling up action is less, then you have removed most of your dulling surface cells and you are done! Do not overrub as the product is very efficient at removing surface cells instantly!

Can I use Surface Smoothing Gel with any other skincare products?
Yes! We recommend it! Once you've used the gel you will notice a smoother skin texture and your skin is ready to receive your favorite skincare regimen. You may notice better product penetration.

Can I use Surface Smoothing gel on other areas?
Yes, it will remove dead surface cells on other parts of the body, to reveal smoother, fresher skin!

Can I use Surface Smoothing Gel after a skincare treatment?
Yes, per your doctor or skincare experts permission, you may use the gel after lasers, peels, treatments, sunburns, when all redness and irritation have subsided. It will further aid in the removal of dead, flaking surface cells. (Do NOT pull on your flaking, healing skin. If it does not ball up, it is not ready, allow your skin to heal properly after your treatments).

How often can I use Surface Smoothing Gel?
We recommend starting off with one to two times per week, until you are familiar with the product and know how your skin will respond.