About Soap & Paper Factory

Soap & Paper Factory has been an epic, grassroots journey of two women in a small town outside of New York City! We started in 2001 with the love of soap making, in the kitchen selling at local farmer's market (go support your local farmer's market!!!). Back then, it was word of mouth and small town buzz that kept us busy. It was always the same, once people tried our stuff, they were addicted! We have the luxury of formulating all of our products from lip butters and hand creams to fragrances and candles, giving us the ability to use the best oils and butters, wax and raw materials so YOU get the best! You will really notice a difference when you use our products! Our packaging is gorgeous, we are inspired by everything around us! We are USA made, mostly here in the Tri-state area, we NEVER EVER test on animals, and NEVER use phthalates, petrochemicals or parabens. We also offer the best customer service around!