Frequently Asked Questions

 Are the products natural?
Yes, our products are paraben, phthalate and petrochemical free. Our fragrances are blends of essential and phthalate free fragrance oils. All products are formulated with the best oils and butters nature has to offer.

Are the products approved for travel?
Yes, each set offered for the Today Show is approved for travel, and will keep your skin hydrated and soft.

Am I able to return my purchase from the Today Show?
All sales final. No returns.

How do I use the Rollerball Oil
Madagascar Vanilla Oil can be used on pressure points for light fragrance, or, as an all over body oil. It’s made with pure Jojoba, and will absorb right into our skin, and leave you with the most beautiful aroma

Will you explain the aroma’s of the hand creams?
Great question. Our Gardenia is beautiful, beachy floral laced with notes of coconut & citrus. Green Tea is fresh and crisp with notes of citrus and Anise (best seller alert!). Lavender is super soothing and clean, you may feel like you have gone to the south of France! Jasmine is the ultimate floral. If you like florals, you will LOVE our Jasmine, its super feminine and will linger for hours.

How do the creams feel when they are applied?
Our creams are formulated to glide on super smoothly, and are packed with Shea Butter which also protects and softens!

What is the special ingredient in the lip butter
We make our own tincture with herbs we grow upstate. Plantain, Self-Heal, and Calendula are combined to create the tour de force behind out lip butter! In The Nude will glide on smoothly, and is clear. It’s great for under lipstick and all day moisturizing

All products are made in the USA