About St James of London 

St James of London was originally established in 1953 by a British chemist who sought to create a simple, minimalistic formula using only natural and essential ingredients.  The goal back then as well as now is exactly the same - to create natural skincare, grooming and timeless fragrance products that are luxurious, healthy and most importantly, skin-friendly to all types including those with sensitive skin.
Small Batch Made Perfect
St James of London is a family business today and proudly retains both British (manufacturing) and American (owned) roots.  We invest in traditional manufacturing by making each of our products in small batches, thereby insuring each product is of the utmost quality and consistency.
Affordable Luxury
St James of London was created TO MAKE luxury, healthy and affordable products.  Our glycerin-based shaving cream provides each shave with exceptional cushion and glide all the while keeping your skin feeling soft and subtle.  Our post-shave gel moisturizer can be used any time or anywhere as it penetrates and hydrates the skin instantly.  Top it off with our alcohol-free cologne for a cooling and soothing feeling leaving you smelling great all day long.
As we like to say, a little goes a long way which is certainly the case with our products.

Sensible & Eco-friendly
St James of London’s passion to create world-class products doesn’t end with the products. Our packaging and containers are all eco-friendly and made of recycled glass.  Better for you and better for the world.
Small Business & Beyond
As a small business, we like to work with other like-minded businesses.  You can find our products around the world in a variety of retailers and stockists and encourage the support of small local business.

Distinct & Timeless Fragrances

Sandalwood & Bergamot – warm and calming notes of sandalwood, bergamot, jasmine, amber and vanilla makes this fragrance a pure classic and popular among both men and women.

Cedarwood & Clarysage – the original fragrance from 1953 embodies rugged, soothing, earthy notes of atlas cedar, clarysage, bay rose, geranium and spicy pepper.

Mandarin & Patchouli – forget everything you know about patchouli because this one perfectly balances sophisticated notes of citrus, patchouli, mango, accords into an intoxicating warm and compelling scent.

Black Pepper & Lime – soft and subtle interpretations of peppercorn oil, Persian lime, and hints of dark and light woods make this scent come across as crisp as a set of fresh linen sheets.

Tonka & Tobacco Flower – a complex and opulent blend of tonka bean cocoa, sweet tobacco flower layered with frankincense and suede leather will transport you back to the golden age of Britain’s prestigious clubs.