About The Tea Can Company

Headquartered in Bucks County Pennsylvania, The Tea Can Company 's products are handcrafted and artisinally blended to perfection. From classic recipes to unique gourmet-like blends, each tea is as delicious as it is healthy. Our curated packaging and tasty tea leaves a lasting impression...Sip by Sip.
In 2007, The Tea Can Company was founded selling high quality teas. Today, our products are designed and packaged for unique, personal and corporate gifts, souvenirs and bridal favors. Our teas are sold nationally in gift stores, museums, botanical gardens, universities, restaurants and cafes.

We also have a fundraising program that allows non-profits to sell The Tea Can Company products as a way to help raise funds for schools, churches, breast cancer organizations and many other non-profits.
Here we are today with a company that we truly believe in... bringing health and joy to our many happy clients.