Frequently Asked Questions

Can I order by phone?
Orders can be placed over the phone by calling The Tea Can Company at 215-766-2746 or toll-free: 1-888-211-2317. One of our friendly and helpful customer care representatives will be happy to assist you during our business hours Monday - Friday, 9:00 am - 5:00 pm EST.

Where do we source our teas and supplies from?
We source our tea from all over the world. Japan, Sri Lanka, India, Africa and South America. Our other ingredients including spices, herbs and botanicals come mostly from USA. We purchase all of our packaging including our tins from USA suppliers only.

Are your teas natural and/or organic?
Our ingredients are the finest in the land and are all-natural. Some of our teas are also certified organic. 

How many cups does one sachet brew?
You can brew 2-3 cups with each sachet or one small pot.

How do I brew a cup of tea?
Follow the instructions on the side of the tin. Each tea has different steeping instructions.

Does your tea have caffeine?
We have many choices of both caffeine and caffeine-free teas available. You can find the caffeine content on the web site choices and also on each individual can.

Are your pyramid sachets natural or plastic?
Our pyramid sachets are All-Natural. They are made of a plant based material that is safe for consumption and land fill bio-degradable.

Where can I buy your teas?
We also have an on-line store open 24-7. We sell in stores and cafe's throughout the country. 

What flavors of tea and other products you offer?
 You can visit our site to view our tea line-up.

Are the tins recyclable? 
Yes they are. You can also re-use them as beautiful containers for small items, pencils, plants and flowers, herbs and spices, nuts and snacks for lunch.

Can I return my opened tea?
No, We are sorry. We do not accept returns - especially during COVID-19