Frequently Asked Questions

What are sulfites?
Sulfites are artificial chemicals added to wine as a preservative. They are a highly regulated food additive because they are common food allergens and are toxic at high levels. Sulfites protect wine against oxidation and bacterial spoilage during shipping and storage but are no longer needed once you open the bottle.

Does Üllo change the taste of wine?
Sulfites have a distinctly harsh, bitter taste that is often noticeable in wine. Although levels vary, white wines tend to have more sulfites than reds. Preliminary taste tests show that a majority of tasters notice a difference.

How is Üllo different from its competitors?
Üllo is the only product that can remove sulfites selectively. Other products convert (or oxidize if you love chemistry terms) sulfites into other noxious chemicals or remove sulfites along with several different compounds in the process. The selectivity of Üllo's filters means that they won't harm the flavor or aroma compounds in your wine – a significant benefit if you are a wine lover.

How does the filter work?
The Selective Sulfite Capture Filter is the magic of Üllo! When activated, it captures free sulfites in wine by a reaction called covalent attachment. The beauty of this chemistry is that the reaction is selective for the most reactive components of wine, the sulfites, and no unintended “products” are introduced into the wine during purification. That is, the filter removes only the sulfites without adding anything back in. That’s the magic of Selective Sulfite Capture™ and what sets Üllo apart in wine purification. It’s why we invented the term!

What are Üllo filters made of?
Üllo filters are made from a sophisticated material often used in industrial food processing and pharmaceutical APIs (Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients). Specifically, The filter is made from a food-grade, macroporous acrylic polymer. When activated, it captures free sulfites in wine by a reaction called covalent attachment.

How often do I need to change the filter?
Each Üllo Selective Sulfite Capture Filter is good for one bottle of wine (750ml). This is a consequence of the chemistry of the filter. Sulfites bind irreversibly to the filter, and therefore once a filter becomes saturated with sulfites, it can no longer bind additional sulfites from wine.

Can I use the Aerator without a Filter?
Yes, Üllo will work as an aerator even without a Selective Sulfite Capture Filter.

How does Üllo ship products?
Depending on your location, Üllo ships via several carriers with the primary being UPS unless you are shipping to a PO Box, which will require USPS.

How can I track my order?
Tracking numbers will be provided for every order placed and will be sent to customers once their item has shipped!

What if my order has arrived damaged?
If your order has arrived damaged, please contact us at with a photo of the damaged good, and our team will work to correct this issue.

My order has arrived. Can I return it for a refund?
All orders placed through the Steals & Deals promotion are final sale and not elegible for return or exchange.

Where can I buy additional filters?
You can always buy additional filters at If you prefer shopping at other locations, please check out our 'Where to Buy' page for all authorized retail options.