Frequently Asked Questions

How often do I need a new pillow?
Medical experts recommend that you replace your pillow at least every one to three years.

How do I clean my VitalRem pillow?
We recommend spot cleaning the cover if there is a noticeable stain. Machine washing is not recommended as soaking the pillow will cause the internal support materials to breakdown. If you'd like to freshen and fluff up your pillow, just throw it in the dryer on air fluff or low heat.

How does the VitalRem pillow work?
1. The VitalREM pillow gives you the best, most comfortable night's sleep: hand selected breathable materials, support in all the right places. The VitalRem aligns your spine for a good night’s sleep.
2. Using a unique combination of high-grade memory foam and gel fiber, the VitalREM Pillow puts millions of fibers to work, supporting where it counts.
3. The unique VitalRem "U" shape allows your shoulders to drop down - and your neck to stay in line with your spine. This design can allow for a straighter spine during the night and more comfort.

What is the VitalRem pillow made from?
The VitalRem pillow is hypoallergenic. It is plush and breathable to keep you cool.
The VitalRem pillow is CertiPUR approved. It is non-toxic, clean and safe to sleep on.

Does the VitalRem pillow sleep hot?
VitalREM's special open-cell memory foam not only cushions and cradles, but it has microscopic cells for additional breathability. The VitalREM Pillow stays a neutral temperature. The pillow cover uses breathable materials to help aid in comfort, and temperature modulation all night long.

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