Frequently Asked Questions

How does the Hero hair towel save me time?
Customers regularly tell us that the VOLO Hero cuts dry time in half. Read this ELLE magazine article “My Hair Takes Forever To Dry And This Cuddly Pink Towel Cut My Dry Time In Half” for more information. 

Where can I learn more about the VOLO Hero?
Our website has a blog and press page updated with articles and reviews. You can also follow us on Instagram for regular updates and product information.

What is the VOLO return policy?
Because we are offering a special discount to Steals and Deals customers, all sales are final.

How do you use the Hero hair towel?
Please click the link to view a quick 5-second Hero towel tutorial:

What are the dimensions/weight of the towel?
Our packaging is 12" tall x 4" diameter and weighs 12oz. At 39.4 x 23.5 inches, our towels are longer and wider than the average hand towel or hair towel. In other words, no matter your head size or hair length, the VOLO Hero has got you covered.

Does the towel come in multiple sizes?
The towel is one-size-fits all, however our generous sizing fits any head of hair.

Does VOLO Beauty ship outside of the United States?
For the Today show special, we will only be shipping within the Continental U.S.

What do real customers say about the VOLO Hero?
"This is my favorite thing I've purchased in 2019. It is SO soft and absorbent and feels much better on my head than a regular towel. It doesn't pull on my hair, and my hair dries faster than it used to! Even comfortable to sleep with it on! I got it for my sister for her birthday and will probably get one for my daughters too!"
-Kacey (Tulsa, OK)

"When it comes to drying my hair, I've always settled for the easy option: using a towel. But little did I know that a traditional bath towel can cause unnecessary breakage and frizz as it tugs on the scalp and wet strands of hair. So, after many years of settling for a bath towel, I started to look for other ways to keep my hair healthy. The VOLO Hero was the solution I was looking for. It's made of a gentle microfiber fabric that reduces dry time and frizz. Plus, it comes with a tuck strap that keeps the towel from slipping so it doesn't tug on the scalp and cause breakage."
-Vidhi (Tuscan, AZ)

"The perfect hair towel doesn’t exi--just kidding, it does. This microfiber option is lightweight, so you’re not damaging your strands with any heavy pulling while you dry. It’s designed with soft fibers that cut drying time and has a thick elastic band to easily transform into a turban that stays put."
-Women’s Health