Frequently Asked Questions

What's so special about Week Ender?
Week Ender is a super-compact, powerful, convenient and clever charger that takes no room in your bag, and will recharge any phone thanks to its Octopus cable. Super smart with its micro-suction cups, it is always where your phone is located: Smack Week Ender against the back of your phone, et voila! They keep together, no need to look for 2 objects! Moreover, thanks to the compact Octopus cable, you are not bothered by long and cumbersome "spaghetti" cables, and you keep it all neat and nice!

I can't really see in the pictures: how big is that thing and how heavy is it?
Week Ender is 3.5-inch x 1.3 inch and only 1 inch thin; it is only 4.8 oz and that weight includes its really cool "Octopus cable".

Is Week Ender a single usage charger?
NO! Week Ender is not something you use once and throw away! Absolutely NOT! It is meant to be used to recharge your phone(s), and be recharged, over and over, for a very long time!

I have a phone but there's no brand name on it, will Week Ender be able to recharge it? 
Yes, absolutely!

I have an iPhone and my spouse/friend has a Samsung/LG/Motorola/ (any brand), can we both use Week Ender for our respective phones?
YES Absolutely! Week Ender works with any phone thanks to its smart Octopus cable! Week Ender can recharge only 1 phone at a time.

How l do I know my Week Ender is fully recharged?
Much like any electronics, when you receive it, we recommend you recharge it to 100%. It takes about 3h 30 min to 4 hours to recharge Week Ender fully. You do not need to worry if you let it connected longer, Week Ender is protected against overcharge and overheat;  exactly like your smartphone, once it is fully recharged, even if it still plugged into the wall, it will not try to charge more. Discrete, it will not beep when it reaches full charge. Press on the round "on/off" oval button on its side, and count how many LED lights are lit on the ramp. Each light represents 25% of the charge. Fully charged, you should see 4 lights.

Is there an instruction manual?
Yes, it is the simple diagram on the insert in the retail packaging.  Please do not throw away your packaging, this zip lock transparent pocket is super convenient and can be repurposed for many things! You can download  a lot more extensive instruction manual  here:

This thing is cute, but how many hours of usage does it really give me?
It is called the Week Ender because if you leave on Friday evening for a trip and come back on Sunday evening, with the charge left on your phone and a fully charged Week Ender, under average usage conditions, you should not need to plug your phone at all during the weekend!  Let's take an example: This year, the #1 best selling phone in the US is the really cool iPhone SE Edition 2020. Assuming that your usage of the brand new iPhone SE is such that you do not need to recharge it during the whole day, then Week Ender will provide an additional 2.75 days of usage without having to connect to a plug! 

If I leave my Week Ender fully recharge, unused, in my glove compartment or in my kitchen drawer, how long will it keep its charge?

 After 6 months in storage, Week Ender will still retain over 50% of its charge!
Can I repurpose Week Ender zip-lock packaging?
Yes and we encourage you to do so! Keep your passport, or other documents safe from water, sand, or dust in Week Ender packaging!