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Danielle Night Lash Bundle
  • Danielle Night Lash Bundle
  • Danielle Night Lash Bundle
  • Danielle Night Lash Bundle
  • Danielle Night Lash Bundle
  • Danielle Night Lash Bundle
  • Danielle Night Lash Bundle
  • Danielle Night Lash Bundle
  • Danielle Night Lash Bundle
Mademoiselle Lash

Danielle Night Lash Bundle

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The Danielle vegan eyelashes have a mirrored or round shape, meaning they're lusciously long in the middle right above the pupil, but equally tapered at either end. This puts all the focus on the center, drawing attention to your eye color and creating a doll-like, doe-eyed gaze. It's a particularly ideal style for those with smaller or wide-set eyes, but really, anyone will love their eye-emphasizing effect!

To create a more realistic look we've placed the fibers into shorter and longer clusters along the length of these faux mink lashes; you get all the intensity of long and voluminous lashes, without the risk of them overwhelming your eyes.

What you get in this bundle:

In this bundle, you get two pairs of Danielle Lashes:

• Ultra-fine Vegan Mink Lashes with Japanese Bionic Technology
• 3D Lash Design
• Lightweight + Comfortable
• 32mm Hand-crafted Black Cotton Band
• Up to 20+ Wears
• Lengths: 7mm (Inner), 15mm (center), 7mm (outer)
• Double layered lash style adds volume and dimension
• A perfect mix of spiked and wispy hairs to create a inverted V shape
• Ultimate full glamour lash that’s dramatic in length and volume

Lash All Day Adhesive Eyeliner – Black

• Waterproof, Smudge-proof & Transfer-proof
• Latex-free, Paraben-free, Formaldehyde-free
• 24 hour hold & Water-based formula
• Vegan + Cruelty-Free

Haute Collection Tweezer

• Stainless Steel Tweezer
• Narrow + Curved Tip for Easy Application
• Built in Lash Comb
• Beautiful Rose Gold Finish

Danielle provides all the glamour and luxury of real mink with none of the cruelty. These lashes have a distinct double-layer design for a fuller look from every angle. It's everything you love about 3D lashes plus all the beauty of mink, combined into a set of cruelty-free vegan eyelashes. Whether you're headed to the club or down the aisle, these are the perfect way to make your eyes pop in a way that's as elegant as it is exaggerated!

Lash All Day Adhesive Eyeliner – Black

Our adhesive eyeliner is your new go to complete that beautiful cat-eye flick. We designed and formulated our 2 in 1 adhesive eyeliner to be highly pigmented, so you don't have to use another liner with our adhesive. One swipe is all you need to deliver bold and seamless color. With almost no wait time, you can finish your makeup look in seconds with our Lash All Day Adhesive Eyeliner. Just simply swipe the liner as you would any liquid liner and immediately apply your falsies directly to the top for maximum 24-hour hold with a completely dry finish and no tacky texture. Simple, fast, and easy!

Haute Precision Lash Applicator

Simplify and optimize your lash routine with this special tweezer from our lash accessories collection, which not only makes application easier but also helps to keep your false lashes clean and in perfect condition. Now, we’ve created the ultimate lash tweezer for our Mademoiselles by taking all our favorite features and combining them into one: a narrow and curved tip with rounded edges, a built-in lash comb, and of course, a beautiful rose gold color!


  • Lashes: Polybutylene Terephthalate (PBT)
  • Adhesive Liner: Water, HEMA Acetoacetate, PVP. Sodium Styrene/Acrylates Copolymer Glycerin, Propylene Glycol, Phenoxyethanol
  • Tweezer: 100% Stainless Steel


18cm x 20cm


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